NOS Grill

NOS Turn Signal Assemblies

NOS Head Light Bezels

NOS Valance

NOS Valance Insert

NOS Tail Light Lenses

The original Grill box was very bad and thrown away as were the Turn Signal Assemblies. The head light bezels were removed from original boxes for this photo.  Valance...never had the original box.  Valance insert..original box.  Tail light lenses..original boxes.  I have had these for many decades. Waiting for the Hemi Cuda to come around. Well, it not going to happen, so maybe someone who is doing an O.E. Certified Car will want these.

All items are in perfect condition. When only the best will do.....

Price...........        $7500.00... Prefer to have these picked up. Too rare to ship...

70 Cuda Complete Front End