1969 Dodge Dart Drag Racer

1969 Dodge Dart Swinger.  Originally a 340 car.  I have the broadcast sheet.  This is a race Car ONLY.  It has a lot of neat items.

The engine is a 440 with 915 heads and 13.5:1 pistons.  Induction utilizes a Mopar Performance M1 intake and Barry Grant 1038 CFM carb.  Exhaust leaves through a set of Hooker fenderwell headers.  The cam is an Ultradyne solid  with .618 lift on intake and exhaust.  MSD ignition system with AL7.   Other items include a Milodon oil pan & pick up, H2O electric fan, Howe aluminum radiator, INDY Valve covers, electric fuel pump., fuel cell, dual batteries

Transmission is a freshly rebuilt 727 with a Cheetah shifter and Turbo Action J torque converter (5500 RPM stall).    The rear end is tubbed with a narrowed Dana and 5:13 gears.

This car runs a ladder bar suspension and Super Stock springs.

This racer has factory front disc brakes.  The front wheels RARE, New 14" 5 on 4" Convo Pros.  They stopped making these in 1990!  Also new 15" X 11" Convo Pros on the rear.  Tires are new Goodyear front runners and new 15X31 rear Goodyear slicks.

All windows are Lexan.  It has a fiberglass hood, trunk, deck and front bumper.  The door handles are shaved, with an inside latch thru hole in the  Lexan.   Decal headlights are also part of the package.   Seat belts were new and dated, but since have expired (never worn).  There is no rear bumper.

I had Brinks Racecraft perform over $15,000 in work to the glass, tin and cage.  They also did the custom wiring.   Brinks performed additional setup to the tune of over $5,000.00 more.  Toggle switches are mounted overhead.

This Dart has been started and the cam run in.  IT HAS NEVER LEFT WAREHOUSE AFTER CAM RUN IN!!!!!  NEVER SEEN DAYLIGHT!!! I have spent over $40,000.00 on this race car!!!

Paint is a race quality paint job, with nicks & runs... Great for the track, but not a $15,000.00 resto paint!

Much more not stated has been done to this car!!!  It really thumps and frankly, hits harder than the 900 HP Hemi!!  With 4:10 gears it should run high 9's or low 10's.