1969 Rambler Scrambler SC - ** SOLD **                                                        

THE STORY GOES..... A Woman in New England bought this car new and drove it all her life.  After passing, a man in Illinois bought the car from her estate.  He sold it to a man in Ohio, from which I purchased it from.  I have no idea if this is correct, just what I was told. The car runs extremely well and is very tight. It could be true!!!

Here is what I have done to the car: $10,000 paint job with new decal kit.  New SC Emblems. new redline tires(5), new trim rings, new center caps.  All dash plastic has been re-chromed.  NOS front & rear turn signal lens (really didn't need them), re-chromed the bumpers front & rear.  New side marker lights, new 390 emblems, and much more.  Vehicle work done to original specs.

The interior is original, engine compartment is as I received it (original?), undercarriage is untouched.  It is a rust free car.  The car runs & drives excellent.  This is a high quality vehicle.  I would rate it a #2.  In my world, there is no such thing as a #1 or perfect car!  The car is in the SC Registry.

Last SC that sold at auction went for $42,500.00 and was not the quality of this vehicle.

Please be advised, I am not a Rambler Scrambler Expert, and am not very knowledgeable of this vehicle.  Just like the car.  I will try the best I can.  I do have numerous ads and such which go with the vehicle.  I received them when I purchased the car.